maggie mather for racquet sports, yoga, resort & travel

In 2002, while packing golf shoes, visor, jacket and more for a golf invitational, we realized we didn't own a bag that was purpose-built for just such an occasion. We either had to really stuff our purse or try and pretend the grey duffle bag emblazoned with high tech sporty logos, wasn't so ugly and didn't completely ruin the whole look of our fabulous golf outfit!  We suddenly had a vision of a chic yet functional tote. We designed and created a bag, took it with us to the club, started to receive compliments, inquiries, orders. . . maggie mather was born! 

​Several years later, one of our pals asked . . . hey, what about tennis!  And so, maggie mather designed the tennis tote!

The tennis totes are great for more than their designated sports . . . shopping, travel, day to day organization. maggie mather has seen photos of maggie mather totes and bags hard at work, and we are thrilled!

maggie mather is available at tennis stores through-out the US and online. If your local tennis shop does not carry maggie mather and you want them to, have them contact us.

Life is too short not to be stylish!

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'diagonal lines . . . asymmetrical pockets . . . it's a maggie mather'